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DIEGO is a cathartic third-person puzzle adventure game, set in a mystical wonderland that is unlike the real world. Sit back and relax as you travel through a beautiful and unfamiliar environment and attempt to solve puzzles in order to discover the secrets of this mystical forest. 

DIEGO was developed by two South African Game Developers named Erik Prinz and Rodwin Malinga, and was created within 2 months.

Install instructions

-Download and extract the .Zip file

-Double Click the .exe file in the folder to play the Game


Diego.zip 469 MB


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Really enjoyable game, I enjoyed the graphics and had some solid game play keep up the good work , I cant wait to see what you guys do next 

Thanks for playing! Stay tuned for our next project.


Simple, straightforward and fun! I think the games strongest points are its lighting and the music (copyright claimed and blocked in Aus & NZ for anyone else looking to do a vid), as the gameplay kinda slow and predictable, but it all balances pretty well to make a pretty relaxing and fun time. I did have some issues keeping it at a decent framerate, even on the lowest settings, but that's not a huge deal. Nice work!


Your feedback is really helpful, and we'll definitely remember it for our next project! Thank you for playing Diego.


Well done DEVS, I can;t fault it except for a little lag. Great use of colours, great graphics and fantastic audio. Cheers


Thank you so much for playing. It really means a LOT!